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So I mentioned before that I was applying for a job in Japan, teaching English with Hisai Bible Church? I got it :) I start in November. They want me to arrive late September or in October so I have time to get settled in before I start working. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. I finish my degree if I pass all my subjects this semester (I see no problems with that at this stage), if Chamber Choir decides to choose me to go with them on the USA tour, that's June/July - plenty of time to save around that - my best friend gets back from Bible college at the start of September, so I get to see her, and (hurr) my piano teacher's student-concert is mid September, so I'll be able to perform in that. I chose not to play soccer this year because I was having issues getting work and Saturday was my main day for that, so that's not going to be overlapping with Japan time.

There is absolutely nothing I'm doing this year that will overlap with Japan. God is good - preparing me this early!

I'm considering starting up a blog about Japaning. I'm still deciding what I'd include in it (would I put over my information from my other trip to Japan? Type up some of the journal entries I wrote, etc.? Or just have information from this trip - preparation and what's going on when I get there?). It could be a really good way of keeping up to date with people back home.

Tonight I get to tell my Cell group, who have been praying with me about this. So exciting! :) I've told a bunch of people so far, but I've been waiting until I can tell my Cell face-to-face before I make it facebook official. More fun this way.
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