Dai Stuart (eranith) wrote,
Dai Stuart


I'm thinking I'm going to start a Japan blog. I'm trying to figure out what site to use. I know, I know, I'm on livejournal asking what blogging site to use. But I don't have anything else to ask about blog sites on and I don't want to use this for that purpose.

What I'm looking for is something where I can be word heavy if I want to, but it's also super easy to integrate pictures. One of my main issues with pictures is that I try to put them in and write around them, but they just take up ALL the space. Or none of it or whatever. I know that's probably just because I don't know how to use things, but wutevar.

Anyway, so I'm thinking maybe blogger.com - I started a fictional blog on there a while ago that never really took off, so I'm famiiar with at least making a layout there - or wordpress. I have a friend who uses it for her blog and has pretty pictures and movies integrated well with the text, and it doesn't look bad and boring when she's word heavy sometimes.

If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, let me know and I'll take it into consideration (for example, is it considered appropriate to make a word-based account on tumblr or is it all about the pics?). Or if anyone has any yea/nays for the two I've mentioned, that also is very welcome :)


EDIT: I'd like to point out that I'll still be using this for regular stuff, at least maybe until I'm in Japan, at which point I'd look into how I make blogs I make somewhere else turn up here like some people I know do at times :/
Tags: blogging, japan
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